Feysal, one of the most beautiful soul voices on the international scene

It was a rainy night in London and during the scouting tour of our music planner, Nico Rinaldi, the first meeting took place. Exclusive club, soft lighting, soul & R’n’B background music, and a young boy to enchant everyone. He was Feysal.

Awarded by critics, Feysal has established himself in just a few years as one of the most beautiful soul voices on the international scene. His art, his music, is his life. He manages to communicate – through his vocal extension and the fluidity of the movements – all the emotions, not only of the song, but also those that he is experiencing in that moment, in first person, putting all of himself.

Talented character, dancer, guitarist and singer, at the age of 23 he was chosen among thousands of actors as one of the main character of the most important musical in the world – Jesus Christ Superstar -, finding himself on tour and performing in prestigious arenas all over the world.

Through this experience he won numerous awards such as the 41st Ennio Flaiano International Prize, the APULIA Musical 2015 Award and the 2015 Italian Oscar. Having achieved professional success in theaters with the most important Rock Opera of all time, he now directs his heart and talent in writing, producing and performing his original music.

He is soul, he is passion, he is perfection… He is Feysal. In Italy, exclusively with our agency.

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