A performer unlike the others: a singer, rapper and DJ


Francesco Maria Crudele, aka Papaceccio, is a performer and multifaceted DJ, able to host an evening in any style requested with great skill. He is a singer and freestyle rapper of the highest level, an amazing entertainer with infinite energy and joy that he manages to convey to his audience. Back from touring in America and all over the world, he recently collaborated with Al Pacino in musical theatre.

Our agency, Rinaldi Events – Italian Music Agency, decided to work with him after seeing him in action many times; he made us think that he was the right person for our couples, those couples who ask us for fun, lively, and original weddings where everyone is smiling. Papaceccio is all of these things, whether you choose him as a DJ, singer or master of ceremonies, you can’t go wrong, he’s a winner.




The creative direction of a music planner and
the practical organization of a reliable team

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