8 Italian wedding traditions (and superstitions) you must know

You know, Italian culture is full of traditions, but if we talk about wedding? In this article we will reveal 8 traditions 100% made in Italy.

Every country in the world has its own traditions and Italy is no exception. Each region has its own customs, but which are the ones that make all agree? Let’s find out together, especially if you are thinking about Italy as your wedding destination.


The engagement, properly the waiting period that begins with the marriage proposal and ends with the ceremony, was established by Pope Innocent III in 1215. To represent this waiting period, and the couple’s commitment, were the rings, that were also a way to show off the social status: only the elite class could wear them… and afford them.

Engagement party

In Italy it is the moment when the couple’s families officially introduce themselves. Witnesses are usually also present because to the question “in Italian weddings are there bridesmaids?”, we answer NO! Only the witnesses accompany the couple and it will be the groom’s witness to hold the first toast, usually with a glass of champagne, saying the words: “Per cento anni”, to wish a hundred years of good luck and life together.

The night before the wedding

In Italy it is tradition for the future bride to spend the night before the wedding at her parents’ house, wearing something green as a lucky charm. Also on the wedding day: She can’t wear gold jewelry, apart from the engagement ring; She must wear something old (symbol of life left behind), new (symbol of new life), loaned (sign of bond with her family), blue (symbol of purity) and something received as a gift (symbol of love).

Wedding Dress Code

How should you dress for an Italian wedding? It is absolutely forbidden to wear something white. Only the bride can do it. Black-colored clothes are becoming increasingly popular because they are considered elegant, especially for afternoon weddings.

The wedding day – The ceremony

According to tradition, the future groom and bride cannot meet until the ceremony. The groom will have to keep a piece of iron in the inside pocket of his jacket for good luck, instead the bride will be accompanied by the father who will have to kiss her and shake the groom’s hand, to show his consent.

The wedding day – The exit

As soon as the ceremony is over, the newlyweds will be greeted by the throwing of the rice. The reason? The rain of rice is a good wish for prosperity and fertility.

The reception

The reception follows the ceremony. The guests, who always arrive before the newlyweds, are welcomed with an aperitif. To announce the couple’s arrival is obviously the music that frames the entire reception, marking the most important moments: the arrival, the toast of the witnesses, dance of the bride with her father, the dance between the groom and bride, the launch of the bouquet, the cake-cut and the after wedding party.

Wedding favors and confetti

According to the Italian tradition, the wedding favors for the witnesses must be different from those of the guests. Each must contain 5 sugared almonds as a sign of health, fertility, long life, happiness and wealth.

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